Beautiful new cans!

We are now well on our way to transitioning from bottles to cans as our preferred method for packaging beer. 

A few weeks ago we received our new canning machine from MD Engineering and have been enjoying getting to know it and the process of canning with fantastic support and help from the team at MD. 

When we switched to cans we took the opportunity to refresh our branding and couldn't have found better partners for this process than Bradford on Avon based Team Eleven. They were just amazing to work with - talented, patient and real perfectionists. We love the results and hope you do too. 

Please note that our cans are 440ml vs bottles which were 500ml. We are keeping the price the same so this does represent a cost increase per ml. Our bottles were long overdue a price increase so we hope you understand this was necessary. 

So why cans?

Cans are better for the beer. They cut out all light and offer better protection against oxygen, both of which are enemies of fresh beer. If you think the beer won't taste as good as it does out of a bottle then trust us - it does! It will also continue to taste great for longer in cans. 

Cans are better for the environment. Aluminium can be recycled indefinitely. It's much lighter than glass, so transporting it has a lower carbon footprint. We have also chosen to use shrink wrapped labels that are made of corn starch, so no plastic. 

Cans are easier for you. They are lighter and smaller to carry, safer to travel with, and chill faster than glass bottles. 

Cans are better for us. We continue to do all packaging ourselves at the brewery and filling cans is far less physically demanding and quicker than filling bottles. We are also freed from the tiresome job of labelling!

So pop down and give them a try!



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